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COVID-19 - Practice Updates

Update - 8th January 2021

Following the announcement of a new national lockdown, I would like to reassure patients that we have been advised that we are to remain open so we can continue to provide our range of dental services and avoid patients' oral health suffering.

Working to our current industry guidelines for prevention of coronavirus transmission we have worked very hard in the Practice to set up the necessary protocols and procedures needed to keep everyone, staff and visitors to the premises safe and continue to provide a service.

These include pre-attendance risk assessment procedures for staff and visitors to the Practice, social distancing measures and strict protocols and enhanced PPE levels for aerosol generating procedures coupled with enhanced air filtration and ventilation. We re-visit and re-train ourselves regularly in accordance with any changes to issued guidelines.

Please see the link below to read more detailed information about the changes I have made:

Please click here to read information about attending the Practice.

As ever I will continue to do my best to provide the best service possible in the circumstances and thank you all for your understanding.

I will update this regularly as necessary.

Keep safe, Penny

Update - 2nd November 2020

Following the announcement at the weekend of a month long national lockdown, I would like to reassure patients that until we are advised otherwise the practice will remain open.

As yet there have been no communications from the dental regulators but I am expecting to carry on providing essential dental care, which will involve completing courses of treatment that have been started and managing emergencies.

I am waiting for advice regarding continuation of non-essential dental care.

As ever I will continue to do my best to provide the best service possible in the circumstances and thank you all for your understanding.

I will update this when we have some clarification, Penny.

Update - 6th June 2020

Following the announcement that dental practices can begin the process of reopening from Monday 8th June I am writing this to update you about the Practice.

I am currently planning to open the practice initially to provide limited treatment to those of you who have been patiently waiting throughout this closure with unresolved pain or discomfort during lockdown.

My first priority is the wellbeing of my patients, staff and our families and as a result, I am implementing social distancing procedures and PPE appropriate to a health care environment at this time and in accordance with government guidelines and will only be extending the range of the service I provide once I am satisfied that we have a good routine incorporating the procedures necessary to minimise the risk of transmitting COVID-19.

During the lockdown I have been contacting patients who had appointments booked and deferring these back 3 months. Initially my hygienist will remain on furlough while I establish a routine that works safely given the layout of the building and it may be that some of her appointments will need to be adjusted again and I thank you for your forbearance.

In the meantime, if you need advice, or if you are in need of urgent dental treatment, you should continue to contact the practice by phone or email:

Outside of normal hours if you are a patient of this practice and require urgent dental advice please ring 01603 624012 and the answerphone will inform you how to proceed.

I am determined to return to providing dental care in a safe environment for everyone as soon as possible and I thank you for your continued support and patience during this uncertain time.

With best wishes

Penny Wiles

Page last modified: 8 January, 2021