We treat our patients as we expect to be treated ourselves

For Dentists - Hygiene

We have clear practice policies regarding cross-infection control... better than that we implement them.

We believe infection control is important. Penny works with two nurses. An operating/chairside nurse in close support and a runner who passes instruments and materials into the procedure but stays 'clean'.

We apply this 'clean nurse/chairside nurse' principle to our routine procedures. The practice is designed around this concept using two compact, but clutter free operatories.

This is obviously an important issue.

We feel we operate a high standard. Maybe we do too much? Can you do too much in this area? We are very keen to develop, communicate and learn more. We also live in the very real world of high street dental practice.

If you would like to see what we do we would be very happy to show you and perhaps we can learn from you. Please do contact us.