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For Dentists - The Norwich Dentists Study Group

The Norwich Dentists Study Group meets about 20 times a year. The group is self funding and self directing and open to any dentist to join and participate. The aim of the group is primarily the development of the individual members in their professional lives. It also provides great networking, social and mutual support opportunities. The original intention of the group was to provide a learning pathway for general practice examinations and it certainly still facilitates that. Our agenda varies enormously, for example, detailed aspects of practice management, through new clinical techniques to anatomy revision. We occasionally invite outside speakers. The discussions we have can be robust and the learning curves steep, but it is always enjoyable. The current active members of the group are all enthusiastic practitioners who are mostly but not exclusively in private practice.

There is no formal membership process, if you are keen to find out more about the group you are welcome to contact Penny for more information.