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 We treat our patients as we expect to be treated ourselves

For Patients - Prevention

We want to treat you the way we would wish to be treated ourselves and we have a clear philosophy.

The best dental care a person can have is their own attention to prevention of dental ill health through lifestyle changes: improved self-care at home, reduction in the frequency of sugary and acidic food and drink consumption and smoking cessation.

The more effective a person is at managing their dental health the less intervention is required by a dentist.

Having assessed your current dental condition both Penny and Brogan will give you up-to-date preventative advice tailored to your needs.

Gum disease: The most common gum conditions are gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease), both of which are caused by dental plaque. Plaque is the film of many different types of bacteria which normally inhabit the mouth. Gingivitis is inflammation of the gum and is very common but readily reversible with good oral hygiene. Periodontitis affects approximately 10-15% of the population and is inflammation which damages the deeper supporting tissues of the tooth and can eventually lead to tooth loss. The signs of both conditions vary but include bleeding gums, mobility and drifting of the teeth - it is however possible to be suffering from gum disease without exhibiting these signs.

10-15% of the population develops gum disease and certain factors increase the risk: These are family history, certain types of bacteria in plaque, stress and smoking. We can't do much about our genes but we can make changes to our lifestyles to remove as much plaque as possible from our teeth daily, stop smoking and take steps to reduce stress.

The wider picture is that there is a strong link between gum disease and a higher risk of developing heart problems, stroke and other chronic illnesses. The link is thought to be due to the chronic inflammation of gum disease releasing chemicals into our bloodstreams that affect other systems in our bodies.

Our hygienist will spend time showing you how to be as effective as possible with your home cleaning. Any surface stains and hard plaque will be removed to make your home cleaning easier and improve the appearance of your teeth. Records are taken of the dental condition and used to monitor progress and set goals for improvement.

If you have long-term or incipient gum problems then you will be encouraged to attend for hygiene visits very regularly. We are aiming to have patients improve their home care to the point that they have no progressing disease and can attend for routine hygiene maintenance and monitoring appointments only.

Page last modified: 2 February, 2023